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The taste of a mug of Żywiec beer in the reign of Emperor Franz Joseph was just the same, just as exquisite, as it is today. For the inimitable taste of Żywiec beer depends in part, among many other factors, precisely on reproducibility, on the fact that you’re always going to get what you expected...

Thus lovers of Żywiec will always find the distinctive bitters they crave. Żywiec beer, featuring a pair of dancers in traditional Krakow dress on the label, is familiar to beer drinkers in many countries, including US, Canada and Russia. This famous beer is a product of exceptional quality, brewed from the best domestic hops and malt with crystal clear mountain water, according to the traditional recipes of Żywiec brewers. Its golden hue and pleasant hop scent, distinct bitterish taste and considerable foaming power are known and appreciated by beer lovers throughout the world. These qualities are confirmed by the numerous awards and medals won by this product at the International Beer Olympics and domestic fairs.


This dark, strong beer contains 9.5% alc/vol for those lovers of strong experiences! Zywiec Porter is what is known as a Baltic porter. Dark, strong beer brewed according to the traditional recipe from 1881, with Munich malt and special malts for caramel and color plus the highest quality aromatic hops.

Everything together creates a unique combination of taste, which values were confirmed by the gold medals won at the 23rd Beer Olympics in Madrid in 1984, Euro Beer Fair 1994 in Lodz and Polagra in 1996. 9.5 alc/vol. For the lovers of strong experiences.