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Wellness Water

GT’s DREAM CATCHER is a sparkling wellness water delicately flavored with the highest-quality fruit, floral, and herbal extracts. Infused with a trio of natural nutrients & gentle caffeine from organic coffee berries, this refreshing drink offers calm, focused energy to help you #LiveYourDream.

Heavenly Hops

Inspired by the sophisticated profile of a craft ale, our GT’s CLASSIC GOLD Heavenly Hops Kombucha takes the experience of an IPA to new heights. Combining our organic & raw Kombucha with a bright blend of seven thoughtfully-selected Hops and sweet Peach juice, this artisan offering redefines happy hour refreshment with 3% ABV and billions of living probiotics. Bottoms up!


Treat yourself to this tasty trifecta! Combining a bright blend of tart Lemon, tangy Raspberry, and spicy Ginger, Trilogy will help you to maintain flow and feel refreshed – mind, body, and soul.

New World Noir

Elegant like a Pinot with 3% ABV and billions of living probiotics, this sparkling, chilled red pairs our organic & raw Kombucha with a woody oak blend, rich Aronia juice, sweet Blueberry juice, and a hint of Vanilla extract. Cheers to good health!


Reawaken your spirit with this classic cocktail-inspired elixir. A masterful blend of Maqui Berry, fresh-squeezed Lemon, herbal Mint, and our Organic & Raw Kombucha, allow Mojito to whisk you away to a far off island beach with each refreshing sip.

Pina Paradise

Combining complex notes of sweet and spicy, this unique offering blends our organic & raw Kombucha with fresh pressed pineapple & turmeric juices, hot habanero pepper, and a dash of cinnamon. Salud!