ABV: 6.5%

Perceived Sweetness:  Dry

Tasting Notes: A bone dry cider, with no residual sugar in any form. Similiar to champagne with hints of pear and melon.



ABV: 5.5%

Perceived Sweetness:  Semi-Sweet

Tasting Notes: Incredibly drinkable. Robust berry aroma with light acidity and a touch of sweetness from raspberries.

Mango Habanero

ABV: 6.0%

Perceived Sweetness:  Semi-Sweet

Tasting Notes: More tingly than hot. Mangos and habanero peppers combine to create a tropical freshness with a spicy finish.

Rose Craft Seltzer

ABV: 5%

A sparkling mix or real fruit and botanicals with ingredients of apple, raspberry, rosehip, rose petal, hibiscus, sumac, hawthorn, wild cherry bark, sweet woodruff, lemon verbena, lavender, orris root.