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You walk through a dark abbey towards a stained glass window depicting a goblet of Belgian Dubbel, a beer that Trappist monks perfected and one we have come to love. The darkness of the passage reflects the dark Belgian candi sugar and crystal malts which give the beer its deep auburn color. The stained glass portrays the bright flavors layered within. Pleasant fruitiness and subtle spiciness mingle with ease creating a beer that leaves you fulfilled and refreshed, much like your experience in that peaceful dark abbey.Our Belgian-Style Dubbel pours deep ruby-brown with an off-white head. Classic banana notes coupled with rum-raisin and dried fruit flavors are complimented by subtle spiciness from the yeast. This beer is full of flavor yet finishes clean and dry. 

7.5% ABV


West Side Belgian-Syle IPA symbolizes the beginning of Harriet Brewing. After years of home brewing and a new path being laid before him, Jason Sowards started Harriet Brewing in his basement garage on the west side of Lake Harriet. Not to be drowned in a sea of IPA’s, Our Belgian-inspired flagship, West Side, was designed to stand out as something different – a beer that catered toward the hop-crazed craft beer market of then, but included Belgian character and imbued a sense of balance and restraint.West Side is an eclectic ale brewed to balance the brightest West Coast hops with a prolific Belgian yeast strain. It pours light copper with white head. Its subtle malt gives way to a fruity, citrusy, and slightly spicy aroma and flavor. The medium-bodied West Side is snappy and leaves your palate refreshed. 

6.5% ABV

These are the annual beers offered by the brewery. To view the seasonals, visit their website.