All beer descriptions were found on Original Sin Corp's website


We spent a year testing apricots from sources throughout the country before finding just the right mix for our new cider.  OS apricot features the natural taste and aroma of fresh apricots balanced with acidity and tartness.


Original Sin is a critically acclaimed cider launched in 1997. From day one we’ve been committed to producing premium quality cider using the finest ingredients. Original Sin contains no artificial flavors or colors allowing the natural qualities of the apple to speak for itself.



Elderberries have been adding flare to hard cider for centuries.  In fact, the 1822 book The American Orchardist suggests adding Elderberries to give cider "a fine colour as well as flavour." Original Sin brings back this brilliant tradition with our new Elderberry Cider.


Original Sin Pear Cider was developed in line with the company’s mission to produce traditional cider leaving out artificial flavors and additives. Original Sin Pear is light and refreshing with a clean, dry finish.

These are the annual beers offered by the brewery. To view the seasonals, visit their website.