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Crafted with barley and a taste-enhancing blend of special Thai ingredients, LEO is smooth and easy to drink, with a flavor all its own. Today, it is the best-selling beer in Thailand. LEO reflects the contemporary Thai character – cool, creative and playful. Everywhere it goes, the brand’s easygoing personality helps it open doors and join the conversation.


SINGHA is a Pilsener style beer made from a recipe that utilizes only the finest ingredients including PURE WATER, AROMATIC HOPS, YEAST and BARLEY. The flavor is light, crisp and refreshing making SINGHA perfect for the complex and fanciful flavors of favorite dishes such as PAD THAI, and a wonderful match for the entrees as well. SINGHA goes down smooth and is never heavy or challenging, making it a great everyday beer as well!

5% ABV

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