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The People of India consider Flying Horse to be the finest beer in the world. The recipe includes simple ingredients such as grain, water, hops and yeast, making Flying Horse technically Rheinheitsgebot pure. Flying Horse is a crisp, clean lager beer with softness of water and a pleasant maltiness. It is a beer of the temperate, Indian climate making it a beer best to be served extremely cold. Flying Horse is best suited to be served with the spicy foods of Indian cuisine. Try Flying Horse with Indian, Jamaican, Szechuan, Thai, Mexican, Carribean or any spicier foods. Use your imagination!

4.7% ABV


Highly Recommended by the Beverage Testing Institute, and winner of the Silver Medal at the World Beer Championships, this premium Pilsner is proud to be brewed in India. Maharaja has a bright yellow hue, which lends to its perfect coloring. The beer pours with a brief, frothy head and has hints of fruitiness with grainy, pale malt aromas. Follows through well on a medium-bodied moderately dry palate with light hop bitters and a dry finish. A quaffable, well-balanced international style of Pilsner.

5% ABV


As is appropriate, Taj Mahal is brewed from only the finest water, grain, hops and yeast. It is a delicious and refreshing drink to the utmost! A cool, tall, six hundred and fifty milliliter bottle of Taj Mahal is the best way to refresh after a long day of work …or with a. particularly spicy meal. Taj Mahal is as monumental among the beers of the world as its namesake is to the continent of India. Indian restauranteurs know that Taj Mahal beer is as important to their menus as are dishes containing curry.

4.5% ABV

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